shirin anlen
Creative Technologist

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Hello there!
I’m an award-winning creative technologist and director with a decade of experience in collaborating with studios and talents in the development and execution of concept-driven projects. I am highly motivated about creating emotional, meaningful and outstanding immersive experiences that are deeply rooted in real-life stories and have the potential to empower and engage communities. My work combines programming, storytelling, data research and interaction design using machine learning technology, web applications, virtual and mixed reality platforms.

I hold an MFA in cinema and television, was a research fellow at MIT Open Documentary Lab, and a co-founder of Raycaster an experience design studio and Steamer Salon the first VR and interactive storytelling festival and lab in Israel.

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Software & Languages & Frameworks:
Adobe Creative Cloud, HTML5, CSS, Javascript,  React, Node.js, C#, Depth sensing and 3D scanning, Unity, TouchDesigner, 2D Canvas, Express.js, Sequelize, API, Ruby on Rails, WebSocket, Webpack, Git.

Type of skills:
• Creative coding, web development, and programming.
• Director, experience designer, interactive storytelling.
• Virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality technology.  
• Data, user and design research.
• Technical director, production, project management.

Selected recognition and awards:
2019 Artist in Residence, National Film Board of Canada, Montreal, Canada.
2018 R&D for artistic experiments, fundamental research and public research of IDFA Doclab and MIT Open Documentary Lab.
2018 Winner Best digital story: Biennial of Medial Arts of Chile Juan Downey Contest

2018 Support by NEW INC and Knight Foundation- research grant on museum and tech- Implementing machine learning technology in museums
2017 Awwwards – Honorable Mention
2017 CSS Star Winner
2017 Winner WYU women's Diversify AI hackathon.