I feel inspired when my work is a result of strategy-oriented research. In the past couple of years, I have been researching the influence of technology on humanity while exploring social structures and human emotions. I believe that today’s technology glitches highlight hidden patterns in our society and can be a unique opportunity to bring forward unexpected creative uses. Where pre-existing assumptions can be challenged, and new applications can grow and lead to a genuine social change.

Part of my creative process is to share what I’m learning and making with the community. Another part is to share my ideas and beliefs that drives me in my work.   

Selected publications:
2020 Drawing the inner world of a story using GauGAN - Towards Data Science magazine.
2020 A tool for collaborating over GAN’s latent space - Towards Data Science magazine.
2020 Small family: small dataset - Towards Data Science magazine.
2019 Volume: 3D reconstruction using machine learning. UnMediated (Journal of Politics and Communication, print).
2019 Family2Family. Immerse online magazine. 2018 Urban Spaces and Politics. Looking Forward, Looking Back: Interactive Digital Storytelling and Hybrid Art-Scholarship Approaches. Carnegie Mellon University publication (book / print).
2018 when machines look for order in chaos. Immerse magazine.
2018 The plates of the world: reinterpreting a collection of mass-produced memorabilia. Immerse magazine.
2018 Volume: 3D reconstruction of history in immersive platforms. Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques Poster Program SIGGRAPH 2018.
2018 Why We Need to Start Talking About the Mental States of Our Machines. Immerse magazine.
2018 Accessible AI tools. _Docubase.
2017 5 reasons why I believe AI can have mental illness. Becoming human magazine.
2017 Watch with your body. Takriv- Israeli Documentary Magazine.
2017 Tzina: symphony of longing. Google WebVR experiments.
2016 Tzina: Symphony of conclusion.Volumetric Filmmakingmagazine.  

Selected press: 2020 Popular Culture and the Civic Imagination: Case Studies of Creative Social Change, by Henry Jenkins, Sangita Shresthova, et al, a chapter about Tzina.
2019 Interrogating AI Through Audience Interaction - Immerse magazine.
2018 Artfourm-
  • Dish next to Adult, announcing participating artists in Queens Museum Biannua
2018 The Next Web- Volume: AI experiment.
2018 Discovery Channel - Daily Planet - Volume: Inside Pulp Fiction.
2018 The Next Web - Volume: Inside Pulp Fiction.
2018 Vice Motherboard - Volume: Inside Pulp Fiction.
2018 UploadVR - Volume: Inside Pulp Fiction.
2018 VRFocus - Volume: Inside Pulp Fiction.
2018 List of folks who are making amazing things with story and code- Raycaster.
2017 Creators Project - Tzina.
2017 Prosthetic knowledge- Tzina.
2017 Ha’aretz - Tzina.

2017 Calcalist - Tzina.
2016 Time Out - Steamer Salon.