I also teach hands-on workshops and speaks about my creative work. 
Contact me if you would like to learn more about it. 

Selected talks and workshops:
2020 Understanding Artificial Intelligence - Workshop toolkits (upcoming), Future Thinking School, Ars Electronica center, Austria.
2020 The learning machine’s glitch, John Hopkins, USA.
2020 AI and mental illness, SensiLab Forum, Australia.
2020 Between glitch-art and data-art, Hamidrasha school of art, Beit Berl, Israel
2019 Demystifying Artificial Intelligence - The story behind the machine’s error, FNC, Montreal, Canada.
2019 The encounter with the other, Open Documentary City, London, UK. 
2019 Art and AI panel discussion, CADAF Art Fair, New York, USA.
2018 The story behind the machine’s error, Stereopsia, Belgium.
2018 Co-creation with non-human systems. annual conference MIT Open Documentary Lab.
2018 Volumetric filmmaking meetup, how we started to build a ML tool- Volume, New York, USA.
2018  MUTEK_IMG- presenting a WIP- Marrow, Montreal, Canada ,
2018 I.A.RT Montreal- A talk about the possibility of mental illness in AI.
2018 Photogrammetry scanning workshop--MIT Open Documentary Lab, Boston, USA.
2018 Raycaster- Demo day, NEW INC, New York, USA.
2017 Mentor- Mozilla workshop at MIT Open Documentary Lab.
2017 Panel- art and immersive technologies,Biannual B3, Frankfurt, Germany.
2017 Shenkar College of Engineering and Design- Volumetric capturing and VR using DepthKit (13 meetings)
2017 Women in VR - Host of the first virtual meetup for #women in VR (at Altspace, Social VR)

2017 New Media Day, CoPro -  behind the scenes of Tzina, Israel .
2017 Women and gaming -  the design effect of environments and avatars in VR games, Israel.
2017 Tel Aviv University: T.A the foundation of interactive documentaries (12 meetings).
2016 Cross Video days, current possibilities in filmmaking, VR and interactive storytelling, Paris, France.
2016 IDFA Doc Lab, the creative process of making Tzina, Amsterdam, Netherland.
2016 Alternative documentaries, DocAviv festival - community and interactive platforms, Israel.