Could AR be a playful means of communication to bridge a loss for words? 

Collaboration with Ziv Schneider .
2021, NYC Media Lab x CHANEL Synthetic Media Challenge.


Wallflower is an AR face filter designed to be used during video calls on desktop. The filter transform the user’s appearance in response to their level of participation.

The project was developed as part of NYC Media Lab x CHANEL Synthetic Media Challenge, with Lens Studio, Snapchat’s software for creating AR effects. With the free Lens Camera software, it can be used on most video meeting communication tool, such as Zoom, MS teams, Hangouts, etc.

We used Lens Sudio’s face tracking capability to build our own logic for speech detection. By Measuring distance between the lips over time, we are detecting speech as an indication of participation.

Would you be encouraged to talk or stay quiet?

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“Using your filter in meetings yesterday was the highlight of my day!!!! I've been keeping camera off lately and it was the only reason I turned it on and it really made it more fun. “ ––Judith 
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