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In 2016 I initiated, co-directed and produced the first VR and Storytelling festival in Israel.

Steamer Salon was a four-day program that hosts a local and international
group of storytellers, designers, and developers. Through live interactive
screenings, Virtual Reality Installations, Salon talks and master classes -
we wished to create a hands-on experience that brings together diverse groups of people to discuss the ins and outs of interactive storytelling.

After the 4 days festival, we run a 6 weeks lab for selected projects and produced 14 -360 movies.  The outcomes were showcased at the Israeli Pavilion, Festival de Cannes ︎ (Full Catalog)

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Date: June 2015 - May 2016
Tal Haring and Adi Lavy.

The festival took place at the CCA and was Sold out (over 1500 visitors).

Featured: Festival de Cannes- Next and Israeli Pavilions, Center of Contemporary Art Israel, Cross video Days Paris, International Film Festival Moscow, Jewish Film Festival Australia, WiredTimeOutHaaretzBeHance,

Supported by: Tel Aviv University, Samsung Israel, and Kaleidoscope VR.

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