A meditative VR experience, walking through the sculpture garden planned by the late sculpture Ezra Orion (1934-2015).

Collaboration with Ziv Schneider .
2016, The Digital Arts Center in Holon, Israel.

Orion VR

The Digital Arts Center in Holon has curated an exhibit around Orion’s four decades of work in large public spaces, predominantly the desert and outer space, exploring his extraordinary spatial perception confronting man with the sublime.

Orion left a few plaster and metal scale models. Their presence as a monument to an unrealized act, coupled with the desire to find a new way to document and preserve the objects, led The Digital Arts Center to an attempt to bring Sculpture Field to life with contemporary technology and recreate it in reality. 

OrionVR is an installation where visitors of the exhibition walk inside Orion’s sculptures in a sort of meditative experience.

The models were scanned in 3D and adapted for VR. The result is a first opportunity to experience the sculptures in the huge dimensions Orion intended for them, and thus realize in virtual space the experience of the wandering spectator he saw in his mind’s eye.

Featured: Erev Rav (hebrew), Maarav, the Digital Arts Center Israel, The Jewish University LA.

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