A Raycaster project.

Coinciding with Israel’s 70th anniversary, the CCA presented a new commission in the “Captive Portal” series, which consists of artworks made specifically to be viewed on mobile devices before they access the gallery’s Wi-F.

A Moment of Silence is an interactive project that can only be experienced by two or more participants.

Each person places their thumbs on their smartphone for 60 seconds while their phones sound a “siren” composed of one device playing the word “Yes” while the other plays “No”.  If one of the participants releases their grip, they will need to start the ceremony all over again in order to access the Wi-Fi network.
Together with Ziv Schneider.
Developer: Avner Peled.

Date: April 2018

Platform: Mobile on Captive portal.   Featured: Center of Contemporary Art Israel, anna bershtansky.

“Captive Portal” is curated by Yoav Lifshitz, Tal Messing, and CCA Curator Chen Tamir

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