Entropic Elixirs is a thought experiment designed to encourage people to think differently about their relationships with themselves, and the world around them. 

September 2019, Pittsburg, USA.

A prroject by Rachel Ginsberg
Role: Full stack developer. 

Entropic Elixirs

Entropic Elixirs builds on the contemporary language of wellness to address the notion that it might one day be possible to influence and/or manage our bodies’ energetic activity with something that behaves much like the vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements so many of us consume today.

This Quantified Self companion installation functioned more or less as a vending machine that dispenses bespoke liquid formulations designed to help participants manage and direct their energies into personal growth directions that the system recommends to them.

The installation consisted of two parts - an interactive assessment tool that assesses the state of the participant’s energetic needs and suggests the correct formula, and a machine that assembles and dispense that formula in the form of a liquid “shot,” to be consumed on site.

Featured: as part of Project Amelia.

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